A recent addition to Wyckoff Ave, Guadalajara offers a wide variety of Mexican products and fresh, inexpensive vegetables in addition to having a massive selection of authentic Mexican cuisine. Everyday of the week you can walk in and try one of the daily specials. The beef soup consists of perfectly seasoned cubes of beef in a light broth with a medley of vegetables that include potatoes, carrots, yuca and corn. For seven dollars its large enough to share, which might be a good idea considering the endless list of “antojitos” or appetizers that range from five to seven dollars. Definitely stop in on the weekends and try traditional tamales and barbaque that are made all day long in the spirit of having that specialty food item that would be to time consuming to prepare during the week. -Bushwick Daily


My favorite is the chalupas regular, their mole varies each time based on the batch but is always Delicious! other favorites include nachos, tortas con queso, & rice and beans, of course. the papaya shake and coffee is also great.
super affordable and homey. -Yelp

Good Mexican option if you're passing by, but it's worth it to just walk a few extra blocks to Taqueria El Paisa on Myrtle near Irving - Yelp

Whew. Pleasant Mexican grocery store that happens to also serve awesome and affordable authentic food. All the taqueria favorites (including Mexican breakfast) as well as fruit shakes. Without the ridiculous hassle of somewhere like Los Hermanos -Yelp

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